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Internationally, cricket has been known as a team sport for the elite. Now that the time is drawing closer for the World Cup, 2 billion people are holding their breath.
To this day, many perceive cricket as an elite sport, although its birth was rather unobtrusive – about three and a half centuries ago, somewhere in the meadows of England, shepherds invented it as a way to kill boredom by pushing a ball around the field, and in the original version, necessary props were made of stones, a shepherd’s cane and simple branches driven into the ground for make-shift tournaments. Over time, entertainment has become a pretext for competition, overgrown with rules, as well as an etiquette, the observance of which was another opportunity to emphasize belonging to the upper classes.

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The Indians loved cricket to such an extent that another national game in which they were a power, field hockey, is losing popularity. Given the nationwide madness of cricket, increased by demographic and economic potential, it is not surprising that everyone must reckon with the voice of India. – 80% of global cricket revenue comes from India. No other team sport is so dominated by a single country, not is so popular as an online betting venue.

Cricket bets – the rules of the game

Two teams of 11 players play. When one of them (bowler) throws the ball towards the goal, i.e. three vertical posts (wicket), the rival (batsman) is supposed to prevent the target from being hit. He tries to bounce the ball with a stick and with it opponents located on the field (fielders) grab it and hit the wicket, swap places with a teammate standing opposite, next to the bowler. One swap places is one point (run). Four runes are obtained without having to run if the bounced ball is out of bounds and six if it leaves the field before it comes into contact with the pitch. The goal of the bowler team is to eliminate all rival batsmans in the least number of throws. There are many ways to put out the Batsman.

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Most often it happens when: the bounced ball is caught by the field before contact with the pitch; the bowler hits the ball directly; the thrown ball will hit the batsman’s protectors before coming into contact with the stick, and the referee will decide that if it had not been for that, she would have hit the wicket; one of the players from the throwing team will hit the ball before the rivals scoring the runs that are in the designated safe area. The team with the most runs wins. The playing field is oval in shape, it can have various dimensions and generally a circumference of 200 m. The ball, made of cork, weighs about 280 g and is covered with leather with visible seams. The match is judged by two referees
Cricket dizziness, of course, also has its financial dimension. Although gambling is illegal in India and neighboring countries, it is estimated that $ 350 million bets are made daily on the occasion of the World Cup series.

Varieties of cricket multiply quickly, which can make laymen feel dizzy. It is difficult to understand all these rules, versions and exceptions. For order: The English are currently the best in the T20, Australians rule the World Cup (titles in 1999, 2003, 2007 and, most likely, 2020), Indians are full of pride when one mentions that they dominate in Tests. Cricket lovers revel in this wealth of forms where they perceive charm and uniqueness – after all, other team bat-and-ball games never lack for fans. This obsession with cricket is naturally reflected in online cricket betting that ever increases in popularity. Innumerable mobile betting apps provide legal sports betting opportunities for Indian customers worldwide without imposing any limits on deposits or withdrawals. And the best provider of live ipl betting is Parimatch.

Bet on Cricket

In 2007, the professional league started in India, in T20 format. The younger generation of players no longer look at tradition – the more so because in the local league there are nice sums to earn. Even supporters of pill-games (ending within three hours) admit that this variety has turned the game upside down. The price includes players who are great at the gym, able to bounce the ball in four directions, versatility loses with a narrow specialization. Gideon Haigh admits that cricket in its original version, i.e. opaque, complicated, protracted indefinitely, sometimes even boring and clumsy by players, would not accept today.