How it all started

Indo-Russian Cinemas, founded by Venaktesh Kumar is an initiative to provide a platform for upcoming short film makers and also to connect them with current Russian cinema. With the support of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, IRC screen short films and documentaries of upcoming filmmakers on a regular basis.

IRC since its inception has screened more than 180 short films of young film makers free of cost, thanks Russian Center for Science and Culture for their venue support. In 2018 IRC introduced PlayButton Short Film Festival and it was tremendously recived by public.

The aims of this year's edition of the festival are:
  • Positioning the festival among the relevant international film festivals across the globe.
  • Creating strong and productive connections, communication and cooperation between young film makers who are yet to be recognized
  • Initiating a completely new attitude towards different cultures and art.

To promote young talents and promote their work to reach Global audience.